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Air Vent Phone Mount
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The air vent phone mount is installed in the vent hole of the vehicle's air conditioning system and usually holds the phone above the dashboard, giving you more options than a CD slot holder. Air vent phone mount is also usually small and great for travel and car rentals. There is also a rubber arm that holds the vent and is easy to operate. The former prefers a tension-based grip structure that crushes at the touch of a button rather than a rubber claw that does not move to ensure compatibility with blinds and more types of blinds. Another potential problem is that when you blow hot air through the vents in the winter, the phone can overheat and shut down because of the heat. (to avoid this problem, close some vents or direct air through other vents, such as near the floor or windshield.) We have various kinds of air vent phone mount for different smartphone, such as ,iphone, samsung, huawei, etc. Please feel free to contact us for a free quote, we provide high quality air vent phone mount in cheap wholesale price!

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