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Vertical Portable Magnetic Car Air Vent Phone Holders
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Vertical Portable Magnetic Car Air Vent Phone Holders

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Air vent car mount review

Air vent car mount

A phone isn’t just a phone – it is a navigator, music player, and an assistant. This is why you can’t just keep it aside while you are driving and need to have it up where you can see it.

Car phone mounts do an excellent job of keeping your phone where you need it, provided that you make the right choice.

Finding a mount that is easy to setup, stable, and can be easily rotated while you are driving isn’t the simplest task, however.

This is why we gathered all of the best phone car mounts and determined which ones actually lived up to their claims.

Features to Consider in Good Phone Car Mounts

These are all of the elements and aspects that we looked at when deciding what the best car phone holders were:


Mount Stability: while we did look at where the mount was positioned, we found that the stability of the mount was more important. After all, it is important that the phone is held in place, even if you are heading out to rough terrain.

Phone Fit: we then analyzed just how kinds of phones the mount was able to fit. This determined if you could use a wide variety of phones in the mount or not.


Usability: last but not least, we examined how simple it was to use or handle the mount while you were driving. This concluded whether it was safe for you to use the mount while also operating a vehicle.


It also grips to phones firmly, no matter how you rotate the 360-degree ball joint. Supported sizes are phones ranging between 1.9 to 3.7 inches in width, which covers all current iPhones and most Android models.

This mount's only downsides are an incompatability with round vents, and its larger size. If those aren't issues, this inexpensive phone holder is a great option.


Positioning and Stability

This mount can be clipped onto your air vent, ensuring that it stays well out of sight. It also ensures that you don’t do any damage to your dashboard if it is covered in delicate material. This mount actually fits quite firmly into the vent and is able to bear the brunt of the phone well, without falling over. However, when you do remove your phone from the holder, there is a chance that it will be pulled out as well.

 air vent car mount

What’s great about this holder, though, is that it’s actually quite compact. This is why you can keep it on your air vent without fearing that too much of the airflow will be blocked. So, regardless of the season or the temperature, you will be able to use this holder.


Fit and Grip

The arms on this holder can be pulled out so that they can accommodate phones with widths up to 4.25 inches. Even if you have a really bulky or large phone, you can be sure that it will be able to rest snugly in this cradle. Now, there are three grips – two on the side and one on the bottom.


The two grips on the side are equipped with rubber pieces so that your phone will stay in place at all times. While the bottommost grip does afford your phone support, it can also obstruct your phone’s charging port. This means that you can’t charge your phone while it is in the mount.



All you need is a few seconds to put up this phone mount, allowing you to easily move it from one vehicle to another. You will also notice that the arms can easily be pulled out to accommodate your phone, allowing you to do this with one hand. Last but not least, you will find that it is easy to angle this mount into a position that is suitable for you.



Adaptable to most phone sizes

Easy to mount

Can be adjusted

Doesn’t block airflow


air vent car mount

Factors to consider when selecting Car Air Vent Phone Holders:


Interior: The most significant factor to look on when picking the ideal car phone mount is the vehicle interior surface. The material and dimension of your vehicle’s vent must be taken into consideration because of the quality the material the durable the vehicle’s vent. Moreover, examine the windshield and check whether car phone holder can be attached to the windshield of your car to act as vehicle phone mount. For the slanted windshield, it is advisable to make the use of vent to anchor your phone mount. Likewise, it is impossible to mount on the uneven dashboard at the center or from the sides.


Charging link: The car phone holders feature space to embed the charging linking, so you keep your cell phone bested up while utilizing an auto charger. Space can hold your phone when you are driving.


Screen Rotation: Auto holders that feature scene/picture resemblance can pivot that enables you to take bode introduction for GPS or music control function based on your requirement. Moreover, this kind of auto holders can allow you to swap between the two functionality effectively. If the phone holder of your choice incorporates the screen rotation function the better.


Mobile Phone: It is advisable to consider the dimension of your phone before opting for the vehicle smartphone holder. Therefore, once you have determined the dimension of your phone then examine whether it is supported by the holder or not. But the ideal one should support your favorite phone.

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