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The Origin and Development Trend of the Car
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The Origin and Development Trend of the Car

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Cars are automobiles or self-propelled vehicles used primarily on public roads. The history and origin of the car actually began about 4000 years ago .

The history and origin of the car actually began about 4000 years ago when in India wheels were being used for transportation. In about the 15th Century in China, a wheel that propelled itself was used for transportation and by the 17th Century, small steam powered engines had been developed in many places. In 1769 French Army officer Captain Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot built the first authenticated automobile, a three wheeler steam powered engine that carried four persons.

Magnetic Car Holder

The car keeps undergoing timely innovations as different sophisticated technologies are being integrated into the automobile system. Safety and luxurious equipments are being introduced into the car on a daily bases and there is a fierce competition in the automobile industry.

The more advanced the car, the more business opportunities it faces; the car holders appear at this time. Because of the problems of calling and browsing maps while driving, the car accidents frequently occur and personal safety cannot be guaranteed. And the car holders can help us, so many holders on the market, what kind of holders is right for you?

1. Suction Car Mount

If you're looking for something attractive and functional, Suction Car Mount is a universal phone holder that won't disappoint. Capable of mounting phones in landscape mode only, the ideal for smartphone owners looking for a mount that’s built for navigation. Keeping the phone steady while you drive are reusable gel pads that adhere to any flat or curved portion of your dashboard while the internal TPU material helps avoid any scratches or buffs while the phone is mounted in place. Adding and removing the phone is a one-handed affair, while two mounting positions compete for the best view. Complementing the sharp design is universal compatibility with just about every smartphone on the market, including Apple and Samsung’s entire smartphone lineup. 

Magnetic Car Dashboard Mount

2. Dash Mount

The Dash Mount is a great choice for smartphone owners who want a mount that's truly out of the way. Compatible with nearly any smartphone, including Apple's, Samsung's and Google's Pixel lineup, the 3M-based adhesive magnetic attachment secures directly to the phone or a rigid case. The attached socket then connects to the dash mount, which is also equipped with 3M adhesive that can safely adhere to any vertical or flat dashboard. Once the ball is connected to the phone, the mount allows your device to tilt quickly from landscape to portrait mode or anywhere in between to find the most comfortable viewing angle for you. The neodymium magnet offers a strong grip, so you don't have to worry about this mount detaching at any point while driving on a bumpy road.

Universal Magnetic Phone Mount for Car

3. Air Vent Mount

Attaching directly to your car's air vent, universal car mount is a unique solution that gets out of the way visually while remaining highly functional. Assisted by neodymium magnets, Apps2car differs from alternative magnetic car mounts that utilize more standardized magnets. Capable of holding most smartphones, the air vent car holder including Samsung, Apple, HTC and Google devices, the rubber construction ensures that the grip to the air vent will always be secure. Rotating and swiveling your smartphone is no trouble, thanks to the movable base that allows magnets to remain in place.the air vent car holder has 4*N45 magnet, the lack of a cradle allows your entire smartphone to be displayed without any distracting supporting equipment.

Magnetic Car Air Vent Holder

4. Silicone Clips Air Vent Mount

They attach directly to the air vents in your vehicle via dual silicone clips that connect to most conventional air vent blades, leaving no damage or scratches in their wake. The clamping grips of compatible with any smartphone up to six inches in width, including the entirety of Apple's iPhone lineup, as well as Samsung, LG and HTC. Once connected to a vent, the air vent car holder can easily rotate into portrait or landscape modes to allow the driver to find an ideal angle.

Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount

There are more and more styles of car holders and we have more and more choices for our products. But pick the car holder that suits you, we can help you.

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