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The Best Car Mounts to Keep Your Smartphone in Sight and Stable
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The Best Car Mounts to Keep Your Smartphone in Sight and Stable

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Car mounts are perfect for when you're on the road and need to see your phone's GPS, control your music, or keep up with the messages and calls coming your way. There are a ton of car mounts and docks out there for the iPhone that may suit your needs, but not all of them are as effective or reliable as you'd expect. That's why we've singled out the best iPhone car mounts currently on the market. Whether you're looking to use your dashboard, windshield, air vent, cigarette lighter, or CD player, we've got you covered.

magnetic car phone mount

Different types of car phone mounts/phone holders

Before choosing the right car phone mount or phone holder, you need to see which type of holder works for you. There are three main types of phone holders:

Dashboard/Windshield Mount: 

This holder makes use of a suction cup for mounting on to any surface of your car. Attaching the holder to a surface of a car can provide an easy setup, but the holder itself and your phone will most likely obstruct your view outside the car. 

Suctions cups also make round prints on the surface of your windshields. That's why most products come with a thick solution for situations where you will be mounting the holder to a dashboard. They also warn their users about the fact that the solution can also cause damage to your car's surfaces.

Air Vent Mount: 

Unlike the dashboard/windshield mount's suction cups, an air vent mount has rubber arms that can strongly adhere to the flaps of your air vents. These mounts are definitely ideal since they are compact and really easy to use without any worries of damage to any surface of your vehicle.

That said, in cases where you like to use the hot air during the winter season, the holder will likely overheat your phone, which can result in a shutdown. You should also be aware that, since phone models are now much bigger than before, using these mounts can cause issues since they can be harder to hold and grip.

CD Slot Mount: 

This holder is not as popular as the other two. Although most car models come with a CD player, people nowadays don't really use it since they now have their smartphones or tablets for entertainment while traveling. This actually makes the CD player an ideal place to mount your phone.

The mount comes with rubber plastic flaps that fit into the CD slot. These wings are then opened with the use of a thumbscrew. It should be noted that users who rely on CDs while have to give up on using them in their cars with these mounts but to be fair, folks don't really use them anymore anyway.

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