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Smart phone mounts for your car
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Smart phone mounts for your car

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Smart phone mounts for your car

 you find yourself increasingly thinking of your smart phone as an indispensable traveling companion, youre not alone. Many drivers now rely on their phones for navigation, music, or just old-fashioned Bluetooth calls while theyre behind the wheel. And with that kind of continuous use, dropping the phone into a cup holder when you start the car wont cut it. You need a serious car mount that will safely hold the device where you can see and use it, with a minimum of distraction. A mount may also save you a ticket, because the use of hand-held devices is now illegal in many states.


Many options are available, from basic phone holders priced at less than $10 to specialized mounts that cost $40 or more. Some models from phone makers double as a charger and can optimize the screen for easier access to travel-related functions.


Generally speaking, we found that models designed to attach to the dashboard or windshield with a suction cup were the best choices. These provide a secure fit, while keeping the phone where its easy to see and use without blocking the cars controls.


Among the suction-cup mounts, it stood out. It was easy to use and provided a secure fit . but its long arm caused some vibration while driving. and we found that sticky surface makes it difficult to remove a phone when its new, and it loses its grip over time.


We also found them to be more difficult to install than suction-cup mounts, and they may not even be an option depending on the design of your vents. they could easily cause expensive damage to a vent if pumped or pulled too hard. If youre committed to buying a vent-mount holder, shop carefully and try to do a test fit before you buy.


Cup holder designs, may be a workable compromise for some cars, but most cup holders are mounted low and hold the phone too low to be seen without taking your eyes off the road. Plus, your favorite beverages will be left homeless.


These car holders are more suitable for putting on the car, just click on us to contact the style you like.

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