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Safe Driving is Within Reach
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Safe Driving is Within Reach

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Keep you and your phone safe by mounting it on the dash

You're driving and your cell phone rings. Do you know who's calling? Even if you recognize the ring tone, can you safely answer? Where and how your phone is mounted can keep it accessible and enable you to use it with less risk on the road.Driving safely, the following phone mounts can help you:

With so many functions at your fingertips – streaming music, navigation, texts, apps, phone calls – your smartphone needs to be within reach to be used safely while driving. Mounting it on the dash or console provides easy access to the phone. It also eliminates fumbling in a purse or having it slide off your lap when you slam on the brakes to avoid a rear-end collision. And keeping your smartphone affixed to your vehicle lets you see those all-important maps while the phone's charging, rather than laying it flat on the passenger seat and hoping you won't miss your exit.


Fidgeting and glancing down at Google Maps on your phone while driving is a timeless tradition. But there's never really an excuse for driving around with your phone in hand, especially when magnetic phone mounts are cheap, safe, and convenient.


If you're hesitant to consider a phone mount at all, we can't entirely blame you. They have a reputation for working poorly and falling apart quickly. But in the last few years, quality has improved considerably across the board. Now that phone mounts are physically reliable, inconvenience is their biggest issue. Tightening and loosening a cradle around your phone every time you drive is a pain in the neck, and it may not seem worth the trouble if all you're going to do is skip a few tracks on Spotify. That's why magnetic mounts are a monster of a convenience. Although a magnet may sound like an unreliable way to perch your phone, all of these mounts are built with high-strength neodymium magnets. Those are the kind that are used in microphones, fish tanks, motors, generators, and hard drives.


Air vent clip car holder:

The classic air vent clip. These aren't as crappy as they were a few years ago.  It isn't bulky, it doesn't weigh much, and its magnet is strong enough to hold most devices. Oddly enough, the It can swivel, so you can turn your phone from portrait to landscape mode without any hassle. This is a straightforward and convenient mount to use and install, and your phone will stay nice and cool over an air vent

Just don't forget that air vents tend to differ from car to car. My car happens to have wimpy vents that slump when you put any weight on them.some holder has jam most air conditioner vents in place, but it won't work for everybody.

 Air vent clip car holder


Cd slot holder:

It doesn't rely on adhesives or suction cups, car holder physically locks three rudders inside of the CD player when you twist a knob. This is a great option for people who want a phone or tablet screen on their radio. You can rotate your smart devices when they're attached to this CD mount, so turning your iPhone or iPad into a dedicated GPS or music device is a cinch.


Now, there's a chance that this kind of mount can damage your CD player. Some people have no problem using their CD player while the The installed, but I'm willing to bet that they're listening to the same CD over and over again because it's got to be a pain to unscrew this thing every time you want to put in a new disc.

 Cd slot holder

Suction-Cup Gooseneck Mount:

Suction cup car holder can adjustable window mount is a great option for people who share a car with others. It has a shock-absorbent and bendable gooseneck, so anybody can adjust it to their preference.

Of course, any type of suction-cup or adhesive mount comes with a bit of risk. If you live somewhere hot and humid, there's a chance that your mount will come tumbling down and launch your phone under the passenger seat. But even in weird weather, a good suction cup is a good suction cup. Most of the time the point of failure isn't the weather but dirty glass—clean the glass really good beforehand and it should stay put.

 Suction-Cup Gooseneck Mount

No matter how you're using your smartphone, proper mounting is a smart idea. Just don't place it directly in front of your airbags or too high on the dash – it could become a missile in an accident (and few people look good with a logo permanently imprinted on their forehead). Having your phone mounted in your car while you're driving means you're safer – and less likely to miss a call or that turn coming up on your right.


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