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CD slot mounts can be ideal if you have a CD player in your car, because car CD players are often located in a central location—not too low, not too high—for good visibility while you're driving. CD-slot mounts all work similarly: rubberized plastic wings slip into the CD slot, and you then use a thumbscrew to spread the wings apart until they grip the slot securely. And we do mean securely—we found properly installed CD-slot mounts to be as secure as, and often more secure than, any other type. ( If your CD player is a changer, the slot likely has a door that slides down and blocks the slot to prevent you from putting two CDs in the same changer compartment. Assuming you're not using the changer, you just press Eject to open the door and then slip the mount in—the mount won't damage the player. )In some cars, however, a CD-slot car mount places the phone where it can block your view or access to other dash controls. And if your car's CD player is mounted low in the dash, one of these mounts would require you to look down too far to see the phone, taking your eyes off the road for longer than necessary. 

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