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Best vent cd slot phone mount holder for cars
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Best vent cd slot phone mount holder for cars

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If you’re using your smartphone for GPS directions but leaving it in your lap or cupholder, it’s time to get a phone holder for your car. These mounts allow you to position a smartphone within line of sight—and keep it out of your hands.

The best phone holder isn’t the same for everyone, however. Car manufacturers not only use different types of vents, but they mix up the positions of both CD players and vents too. States also have different laws for what can be attached to a windshield (and where).Accordingly, our list of the best phone mounts doesn’t single out just one or two picks.

Note: For this first round of evaluations, we’ve focused on vent and CD slot mounts, as windshield mounts are illegal in many states.

air vent car phone holder

Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount

The Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount phone holder that works well with vertical-slat vents. It locks onto your car with a small clip that is tightened by first turning and then pressing down--and it hangs on very tightly. It also grips to phones firmly, no matter how you rotate the 360-degree ball joint. Supported sizes are phones ranging between 1.9 to 3.7 inches in width, which covers all current iPhones and most Android models.

This mount's only downsides are an incompatability with round vents, and its larger size. If those aren't issues, this inexpensive phone holder is a great option.

air vent phone mount

CD-Air CD Slot Smartphone Car Mount

The Grip CD Slot Universal Car Mount Holder slides into your CD player, giving you the convenience of a cradle-less design to easily hold your smartphone. Using a slim, metal MagGrip plate, the holder secures your smartphone using a strong magnetic surface. In addition, the holder's cradle-less design allows you to quickly rotate your device without the interference of the arms present on some devices.Able to hold smartphones up to 3 1/2 inches wide, the holder swivels 360 degrees, allowing you to view your device in landscape or portrait view. In addition, you can add on additional clips for a perfect fit in your vehicle radio's CD slot.

cd slot air vent mount

Easy One Touch  Air Vent Mount

Easy One Touch Air Vent Mount is a solid pick, both in price and functionality. This mount has two parts, but it’s very easy to assemble: Just snap the vent clamp into the back of the phone mount, and attach it to your air vent using the spring-loaded clamp. The mount keeps your phone in place thanks to two arms that hug it tightly, using a “lock and release” system.


One Touch Air Vent Mount fits phones between 2.3- and 3.5-inches wide—I tested it out using an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X with and without cases, and it fit the bill for all three of Apple’s current models. It’ll work just fine for Android phones within that size range, too.


The continued to keep my iPhone held upright without sagging, and the mount stayed firmly clasped to the air vent without falling off due to my phone’s weight. Plus, it rotates 360-degrees to help you find the perfect viewing angle, be it in landscape or portrait orientation. 

air vent car phone mount

Universal Magnetic Air Vent Mount

Mounting to the air vent of your vehicle,  Universal Air Vent Mount magnetically attaches to the back of your smartphone. This cradle-less design gives you easy access to your phone and allows you to rotate it hassle free for either a landscape or portrait view. The secure-clip design securely attaches the mount with one touch.

The downsides are that it blocks a vent and/or absorbs any hot or cold air your vent is emitting. Still, it’s an exceedingly simple solution for making your phone accessible while you drive.

air vent car phone holder

What kind of car bracket is best for you, you know best!

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