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Best Car Cell Phone HoldersDriving with your phone in your hands and using your GPS, can often prove to be a big hazard. You probably already have a bluetooth adapter set up in your car. Or you can try placing your phone in many places but there's almost always some kind of vibration as the car is moving. The perfect solution to that is by having a good and solid cell phone mount, whether that's for your car truck van or SUV.

There's a lot of different types of cell phone mounts to choose from, ranging from ones for your windshield, air vents, CD slots, cup holders and dashboard. They all generally serve the same purpose, to hold your cell phone in place and within reach, at all times. The only difference that typically seems to be the case is which product is durable.

1,Long Arm suction car holder

If you're looking for a simple way to mount your cell phone, directly on your windshield, look no further. Coming in as cell phone holder for car is the URPOWER Mountable Universal Long Arm Phone Holder. The design is quite simple but works quite well for holding a wide verity of smartphones exactly where they need to be.

The unit works by a simple suction cup, a flexible neck, and a giant clip which is used to hold your cell phone in place. Once you find an appropriate place for your phone, you can mount it and get on your way. Something to keep in mind that you can only use phones that have screens of 5.5" or less.

Long Arm suction car holder

2,Magically Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder For Cell Phones

One of the easiest ways you can mount your cell phone and not use up any windshield real-estate, is by using a cup holder adjustable smartphone mount. In this example, we have the Adjustable Automotive Cup Holder For Smartphones, mp3 players and GPS's.

What makes this device so great, is its flexible little neck allows you to move the phone around to adjust it accordingly. After that, there's rubber grip paddings around the adjustable part of the phone mount that help to keep your smartphone in place.

You can easily adjust the base to fit "most" of automotive cup holders. We love that you don't have to use the windshield for mounting, making use of cup holders seems to be a genius idea.

Magically Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder For Cell Phones

3,Car Mount Universal Air Vent Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

If you want something so simple, that it can fit in your pocket, and use up almost no dashboard real estate whatsoever, take a look into  Vent Clip Universal Magnetic Cell Phone Holder.

This is literally genius for two reasons, first reason is because you are mounting your smartphone right over an air vent. After your phone is getting hot from GPS use and other programs being used, the air vent will cool your phone down in the process.

The other reason for why this mobile automotive vent-mount, is that its design is SO simple. Just a magnetic vent clip, that attaches itself to your phone using a small magnetized backing plate.
 Car Mount Universal Air Vent Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

4,Suction Cup Cell Phone Holder For Car

This suction cup mount is by far, our most favorite mount we've come across. Ram Mount Twist Lock Universal X-Grip Holder is great, because of its outstanding suction cup, ability to customize the direction you'd want the phone to be, and also its ability to hold ANY smartphone in place.

Right away, there's easy to use suction cup. It's not an ordinary one where in a short period of time, will become weak and keep falling off. It's strong and will hold even the heaviest smartphones.

There's multiple sockets which enable you to adjust to different angles and rotate 360 degrees. These rubber tips allow you to hold your phone in place, both vertically and horizontally without the possibility of slipping.

Suction Cup Cell Phone Holder For Car

No matter what type of car bracket, as long as you like the bracket is the best bracket, air vents, suction cups, magnets, windshield, air vents, CD slots, cup holders and dashboard etc. you can be purchased now.

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