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Air Vent Mount vs Dashboard Mount
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Air Vent Mount vs Dashboard Mount

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Nowadays, so fast as the pace of life increases,every piece of time is rather precious. Therefore, convenience is what the costumers pursue. Almost everyone has the experience of getting a phone call while driving. To get rid of this awkward situation, we have two convenient little ones——air vent mount and dashboard mount. Which kind do you prefer?


This is a list of content:

1. What Is Air Vent Mount?

2. What Is Dashboard Mount?

3. What are the Difference?


What Is Air Vent Mount?

Air vent mount is a mount holder inserted into the air vent, using eco-friendly material. It has different kinds of color to meet your requirements.

Here come the characteristics of air vent mount:


Although it fits most air vents perfectly, it won’t block your windshield. Air vent mount of some brands even has little round vents that you can put air fresheners into it instead of vehicle perfume.

The magnetic air vent car mount holder is slim and lightweight, easy to carry.


All you need to do is sticking the metal plate on the phone back, and your phone will stick to the air vent mount holder firmly because of the strong magnet. What’s more, it’s adjustable, allowing a 360° rotation.


If you are worried about speed bump or braking problems, you can be relieved!The air vent mount works really well through hundreds of tests. You can use it with one hand safely as the design purpose.

Air Vent Mount


What Is Dashboard Mount?

Dashboard mount is a mount holder installed upon the dashboard. The super sticky suction cup makes it stand longer and more stably. The appearance of whose is very interesting.

Here coming the special components that dashboard mounts have.


Just imagining one pair of strong arms——car dashboard mount has extender long arms to make your phones fixed. They can stretch out and draw back without adjustable nut, easily being operated like the umbrella lever. As the dashboard mount has passed a wide range of tests, it fits for most cellphones, allowing more flexibility as well as a smooth surface on textured and curved surfaces.


However,how could users take out mobile phones? Dashboard mount has a button on the back side,phones will be released at once if the butter is pressed.


Like air vent car mount holder,some dashboard mounts also use magnet to make phones fixed, with soft silicon to protect mobile phones. It doesn't have arms or buttons, but it's also attached to dashboard with sticky suction cup. Compared of the arm-having dashboard mount,the arm-free dashboard mount is not that common in the market.

Dashboard Mount


What Are The Differences?

Since we have know what is air vent mount and dashboard mount,the distinctions between them are so clear:


First,the differences between air vent mount and dashboard mount lie in the appearance for the most part.

Air vent mount holder is arm-free, like a little clip. Dashboard, however, its bright spot lies in its extender long arms. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Air vent mount holder is portable and magnetic,but the place it can fit in is rather limited. Dashboard mount is firmly attached to the dashboard, but a too long mount may wobble hard when driving through the speed bump,causing some safety problems.


Second, air vent car mount holder is clipping on the air vent,dashboard mount is attached to the dashboard or the windscreen.

In the long term, air vent mount might do damage towards the air vent;dashboard mount is hard to move due to the sticky suction cup. If being moved too frequently, the life span of sticky suction cups will shorten rapidly.


Last but not least, all the air vent mounts use magnet, but not every car dashboard mount uses magnet. It means those who choose air vent mount might have a bit of problems with navigation.


As the most popular kinds of mount holder, each of air vent mount and dashboard mount has its own merits. These kinds of innovation have gain quantities of popularity because its convenience, which the costumers pursue.

The invention of mount holder promotes the quality of life, making driving more safe as important phone calls won't be missing. The design pays attention to users experience, not only providing the product and service, but also creating customer value.Only in this way can companies and customers achieve a win-win situation.

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