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360 degree universal magnetic car mount holder
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360 degree universal magnetic car mount holder

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Magnetic car mount review

Magnetic car mount

It's pretty much illegal anywhere you go to hold onto your phone while you drive, so not only is a car mount a handy investment, it's the law! Plain old cradle-and-clamp car mounts can be a big, fat pain, whereas a great magnetic mount makes life so much easier when you're getting in and out of the car, as you can quite literally grab and go. These are the best magnetic car mounts for your phone! Magnetic phone mount staying connected is more important than ever in the world today. magnetic phone mount having your phone at your fingertips on the road safely for you Your passengers is a big problem.Magnetic phone mount are more and more fixtures specifically designed for car smartphones.Finding the perfect support for your phone model can be complicated.

so there are different options available at the moment.

Magnetic car mount

Features to Consider in Good Magnetic Car Mounts:

Magnet Strength: as you can imagine, one of the most significant features for such mounts are the strength of the magnets. After all, you need to make sure that a variety of digital devices with varying shapes, sizes, and weights can be held up by these mounts. This is the only way to make sure that your device will be held securely.

Mount Position: the other aspect that we looked at was where the mount could be placed in the interior of your car. This helped to determine just how it would be to glance at and reach your device while it was attached to the mount.

Usability: we also examined how easy it was to use the device while it was secured to the mount. This meant that the mount allowed you to adjust it in such a manner that your screen could be manipulated without difficulty.

Compatibility: according to the dimensions of the magnet as well as the power of the magnet, we determined how many different devices we could fix to the holder and be satisfied that it would stay put.

Guide to Buying the Best Magnetic Car Mount

Now we will go into great detail about you how can select a magnetic car mount that will work well for you:

The Strength of the Magnet

The main aspect of these car mounts are, of course, the magnets themselves. This is why you need to choose ones that have strong and enduring magnets.

Typically, the greater number of magnets in a particular mount, the better. This is because they are able to create a greater magnetic force.

Thus, they are better equipped to attract the metallic components of your phone. There is a greater chance of your phone then staying put, regardless of the driving circumstances.

To really make certain that you are getting the strongest force possible, you may want to opt for mounts that come with additional metallic plates.

These plates typically have adhesive backs that allow you to attach them to the back of the phones or the phone covers.

So, you get to enjoy a greater magnetic connection, ensuring that your phone really is well connected to the mount at all times.

Device Compatibility

There are two main features that will determine the extent of the compatibility of the car mount with various digital devices.

The first is the strength of the magnet. So, the stronger the magnet, the more capable it is of holding up devices of all weights and sizes.

The second element is the surface area of the mount. After all, the greater the surface area, the easier it will be for the mount to hold up the digital device.

To sum things up, if you want a mount that is able to hold all kinds of phones, tablets, and GPS devices, look for a strong magnet and a larger mount.

The Mount Mechanism

The next thing that you will need to look at is the mount mechanism of each of these holders. Now, each mechanism has its own set of advantages and disadvantages so you need to choose one which suits your needs best.

Adhesive Mounts

These have a sticky tab that allows them to be stuck anywhere on your dashboard. Due to this, they are good at keeping your phone and other devices at eye level.

The other great thing about adhesive-based mounts is that the sticky substances tend to be rather strong. However, if you live in rather hot or humid areas, these may not be suitable for your car.

The thing to keep in mind with these mounts is the material of your dashboard. A number of adhesives will not stick to certain fabrics so you will need to check on this ahead of time.

Vent Mounts

Another popular type of mount is vent mounts. As the name suggests, they can be fitted onto your air vents.

Now, you should be aware that vents mounts aren’t suitable for all kinds of air vents. So, you will need to check the design and blades of your vents before you purchase this type of mount.

When choosing vent mounts, make sure that they are able to fit both thin and thick blades so that you are more likely to get the right fit for your vehicle.

Also, to ensure that you are not damaging your air vents, make it a point to get mounts with rubberized grips.

If you live in an area that has extreme temperatures – very cold or very warm – these mounts may not be the right choice for you.

Since these mounts do partially block the vents, they will disrupt any warm or cold air coming through them, altering the temperature inside the vehicle.

CD Slot Mounts

One of the reasons that these tend to be a popular choice is because few people actually use CDs anymore. So, you can fit your mount here without fearing that any feature on your dashboard will be disrupted.

As with the vent mounts, you will need to check ahead of time that this type of mount can fit into your CD slot. For best results, look for mounts that can be adjusted quite well.

It should also be known that due to the design of such slots, they may not always be suitable for rough roads as they have a tendency to vibrate.

User-Friendly Features

Finally, the mount should be user-friendly. This means that you can easily adjust the car mount with just one hand.

If the mount comes equipped with some type of revolving feature, you should be able to move it towards and away from you without having to make too much effort.

Similarly, you should be able to lift the phone from its magnetic mount and to change its orientation without having to tug on it.

This concludes our look into the various types of magnetic car mounts available on the market. The information we have provided should make the task of selecting the right one for you a lot easier.


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